Daisuke Yokota's Teikai trilogy

Akina collection Daisuke Yokota Teikai

Published between 2014 and 2015, Daisuke Yokota's Teikai series has been the first monographic pubblication outside Japan for this important contemporary author.

Published by Akina, it's composed by three volumes, released in trade and collector edition, each one with a different binding and printed on a different paper stock, each one with his special features.

The firs book, Linger, is a softcover with japanese traditional binding. It's particularity stands on the cover printing technique: cover images are photosensible and will fade with time if exposed to light. A book to read in camera oscura!

The second one, Wandering at midnight, is a spiral bound quarto book with plastic covers. Its special feature is the unusual binding and the front cover, made by two separated sleaves of plastic stock.

The third one, Immerse, is the most ordinary in binding being a simple softcover. However it's the only book in trilogy to show the color works of Yokota.

The work collected in this trilogy is impressive and for sure is a worthwile addition to any collection.

This seminal work by Daisuke Yokota is available at buonaideabooks in its trade edition.

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